... di Scicli vedi colli, borgo e azzurro mare.


It takes a few minutes, just a few minutes, to drift from the balmy carob shade on the hillock overlooking Scicli to the gentle breeze of the Mediterramean sea on the golden sandy beaches of Sampieri, Cava d'Aliga, Donnalucata, Playa Grande which embellish the long coastline of Scicli.   Really a few minutes as well to shift from the enchanting tale that the ancient Siculi wrote on the time-speckled stone of Balata to the captivating fascination of the very same stone animating the numberless baroque facades and monuments of Scicli, Modica, Ragusa Ibla and Noto.  
  B&B Loggia dell'Acanto
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By: Studio Scivoletto
Photo: Luigi Nifosì